How I Made $985 With This Unique Button

But you could make way more than that!!!

Iva Ursano
7 min readJan 7, 2021


Before I begin I gotta tell you, I’m not a huge fan of having a million plugins or ‘things’ on my site that will take away from the quality and the content. Yes I have ads but those pretty much support the site and help me pay my rent and bills. And buy food.

You know, the necessities of life.

One day while I was reading posts in a blogging group I belong to, someone was talking about this neat little button that brings them in some fun extra money.

Wait. I want fun extra money too please!!

So in true Iva fashion, I did some research, gave it a thumbs up, created an account, and stuck it on my site.

And ya, it was that simple.

Click here now dammit!

You still have to tell people what to do. Regardless of the fact that most people love to click buttons and touch things, some of us are still a little leery of said buttons.

We want to know a few things before we click that shiny object. Things like:

  • is it safe
  • where will it take me
  • what does it want
  • will you steal all my info now

So because I did a wee bit of research on this one, to honestly answer your questions as best I can:

  • it’s safe
  • it takes you to my coffee page
  • it wants your money
  • it’s not stealing your info (but honestly, who knows for sure?)

Now for that last one, if you’re worried about anything stealing your info you should probably not be on Facebook, or Googling anything or on the internet. Are any of us safe anywhere, ever?


It’s such a happy button!

I think one of the reasons why I love this button so much is that it’s relatable and fun. It’s like a happy button.

People honestly don’t mind supporting people who do nice things. Good things. Honest things. Like me! 😊



Iva Ursano