How I Made $985 With This Unique Button

But you could make way more than that!!!

Before I begin I gotta tell you, I’m not a huge fan of having a million plugins or ‘things’ on my site that will take away from the quality and the content. Yes I have ads but those pretty much support the site and help me pay my rent and bills. And buy food.

You know, the necessities of life.

One day while I was reading posts in a blogging group I belong to, someone was talking about this neat little button that brings them in some fun extra money.

Wait. I want fun extra money too please!!

So in true Iva fashion, I did some research, gave it a thumbs up, created an account, and stuck it on my site.

And ya, it was that simple.

Click here now dammit!

You still have to tell people what to do. Regardless of the fact that most people love to click buttons and touch things, some of us are still a little leery of said buttons.

We want to know a few things before we click that shiny object. Things like:

  • is it safe
  • where will it take me
  • what does it want
  • will you steal all my info now

So because I did a wee bit of research on this one, to honestly answer your questions as best I can:

  • it’s safe
  • it takes you to my coffee page
  • it wants your money
  • it’s not stealing your info (but honestly, who knows for sure?)

Now for that last one, if you’re worried about anything stealing your info you should probably not be on Facebook, or Googling anything or on the internet. Are any of us safe anywhere, ever?


It’s such a happy button!

I think one of the reasons why I love this button so much is that it’s relatable and fun. It’s like a happy button.

People honestly don’t mind supporting people who do nice things. Good things. Honest things. Like me! 😊

When people click this button it makes them feel like part of your family. Part of your tribe, if you will. They already love you and now they just want to feel like they belong to something much bigger.

This brings us back to the basics of blogging and online work.

Do they love you?

One thing you absolutely must have is the “know like trust” factor. If you don’t have that, start working on it. And if you can’t be bothered working on that, you’re already dead in the water.

You have to remember, you can create the best, most stellar fucking programs and eBooks on the planet but if people don’t know you or trust you, why on earth would they hand over their money to you? I wouldn’t.

Now while I don’t want to make this all about the know like trust factor I do want to suggest that if you aren’t connecting and engaging with your audience, now’s a good time to start. That’s the first step in getting people to like you.

Just be there for them. People love when you reply to their comments and give them attention. It takes two seconds (kinda). Do it.

Get back to the button dammit!

Right the button. Ok here’s the button and then I’m gonna explain how ridiculously easy it is to get people to click it.

Google search-Ko-Fi button logo

Actually while I was Googling this image I found way cooler ones which has me thinking “Iva just create your own fun one!”.

Now before we get into this button, I did try out Patreon for awhile but I found it too complex (I truly need things stupid simple) and it was really hard to get it to convert for me. I feel it has no emotions. I know. Weird.

But this pretty button? People love to click it. It makes them feel good knowing they are supporting you and it actually makes them feel like they are having coffee with you. I know. Weird again. But it’s true.

Another thing to point out, is that buying someone a coffee is a simple fun gesture that everyone can relate to it. Think for a minute when you’re out in the real world and you run into a friend at the coffee shop or bar or wherever and you say “hey lemme buy you a coffee/drink/etc”.

It’s the same thing and that same feeling online. When someone clicks on that “buy me a coffee” button they feel like they’re chillin’ with you even though they’re not.

Do you get what I mean? There’s a human connection there, even though it’s not really.

How does this work?

Glad you asked!

So once I signed up to Ko-Fi, I sniffed around a bit to find out how to use it and what works well. My initial goal for starting up Ko-Fi was to collect money to help feed poor people and dogs in Guatemala and Mexico (for the year I was there). A huge portion of all money collected went to help the less fortunate.

I post pics of the kids, families and dogs I’ve been able to feed because of their donations. People love to see that their money is going somewhere worthwhile. They love to know that because they bought me a coffee, some kids got to have breakfast.

But since my business crashed in October 2020 I honestly let people know that any money they donate goes mostly to helping me buy food for myself and help me get back on my feet. My peeps know.

Now you may not be feeding dogs and kids, and that’s totally cool. Maybe you are working on another project that your peeps might love and resonate with which means they will surely want to stand behind it, and you!

Paid versus free version

So I started out with the free version but realized for $6 a month I can increase the price of my coffee and also offer commissions. If I remember correctly, the free version coffee is $3. I have mine set at $5 (Starbucks charges way more by the way).


These are neat things, commissions. Where Patreon has tiers, Ko-fi has commissions. The same but different. With Patreon you start with a low tier and offer a small item and move up to high priced things.

It’s not really like that in Ko-fi. You offer what you want and whatever price (usually discounted slightly for your Ko-fi supporters) and poof!. You have commissions. In my commission section I have two fun offers. One is “yes or no” Angel Card reading and the other is a 15 minute reading.

You can make commissions as simple or as complex as you want. Remember we all like simple :).

Promoting your neat button!

So how do you actually get people to buy you a coffee? Good question!. There are several ways, and all work equally well.

Places to put your button:

  1. At the end of a blog post. I have a closing at the end of each blog post “if you like anything I do or if I inspired you, etc, you can say thank you by clicking the pretty button below and buying me a coffee”. Remember we have to tell people what to do.
  2. You can add the widget to your site. I’m not a huge fan of this as I have ads on my site but you can add a Ko-fi widget on your site. Remember if you add this to your side bar, most side bars don’t normally show up on mobile and most of the world is on mobile right now so…ya.
  3. Share it with your mailing list. Let your peeps know they can support you and your work by buying you a coffee. People on your list come from all over, not just your blog posts. Some may have never even seen this pretty button!
  4. On your Facebook page/Instagram/Linktree, etc. You show off that pretty button (or make your own) on all your social media channels and get peeps to buy you a coffee. I haven’t tested it on LinkedIn though I have a feeling the peeps there are more into wine and scotch. I could be wrong though.
  5. YouTube videos. I’ve only just started doing this and my channel is really young so I can’t say for sure how effective it is but if you have a huge channel well damn, you drop that puppy in the description box below. Most viewers know that our channels are our livelihood. If you offer great value, they are more than happy to support your work.

So you can see it’s pretty simple to promote this fun little button and get people to buy you a coffee! But remember, they gotta like you first. Don’t ever underestimate the power of “know like trust”.

Trust me on that.

It’s not a get rich quick scheme

Ooph. That’s for sure. I started in August of 2019 and though I haven’t really been promoting it much at all lately, I did manage to make $985 in a little over a year.

Yes, most of that money fed puppies and kids, but as of lately it’s being used to feed me. Thanx to Pinterest, I’m starting at 0 again. You can find out what happened to me and my business here:

And then after reading that you can go here and buy me a coffee 😁. Did I happen to mention that sometimes you have to be assertive (or is that aggressive) when it comes to promoting your coffee page?

Every blogger should have this

If you’re looking to add another income stream to your list, take a peek at Ko-Fi. It’s easy to use and in my opinion, a fun way for your readers and fans to support you.

Take a look around at some other profiles while you’re checking it out. They are full of life, bright and interactive! I love everything about Ko-fi. And seriously, for $6 a month, you can’t go wrong.

xo iva xo

Self help Guru|Expat|Website: mini self help eBook series here:

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