Stop Forcing Your Kids to Go to College! Let Them Be For **** Sake!

Sooo, I may get some flack for this and that’s cool. I can take it. The most amazing thing about Medium is that we are free to voice our opinions and not have to worry about getting unfriended or blocked. It’s like, we’re all grown ups here! Kinda.

Anyway, every now and then I come across an article or blog about kids in University and College and how the tuition is high and how kids are committing suicide and how little “Johnnies and Sarahs” are dropping out of college like flies.

I also hear stories my son tells of how a lot of his high school buddies are miserable and hate their jobs and their life and they are piled high in tuition debt. They are 30.

I hear these stories and I just cringe.

I remember when Julian decided he wanted to go to University to become a music teacher. Music is his life. He was 19 when he decided. That’s cool. After a year he called, “Mom I hate this university bullshit and I don’t think I wanna do this anymore”. Good, then don’t.

I sure as fuck was not gonna force my kid to do something he hated doing, was stressing him out and costing an awful lot of money. That’s ridiculous!!

You know I’m just gonna cut right to the chase here.

Kids are graduating high school at 17 yrs old. How on earth are they supposed to know what the fuck they want to do for the rest of their lives at 17? That makes absolutely no sense to me. At 17, the last thing I was thinking about was what life long dreadful career I was gonna have that had the potential to take me to retirement.

Retirement?? Career stability? Job security? At 17?? You’re joking right? Shouldn’t they be learning people skills first maybe? How about volunteering with the homeless. Shouldn’t they be trying out different jobs first to see what they really love to do?

Shouldn’t they be learning some valuable life lessons first? You know, like compassion, patience, honesty, trust, self confidence? Like how to behave like decent human beings? Treat people with respect. Be kind to others. The value of money maybe. The importance of integrity but most of all…

the value and importance of being authentic and doing what really makes them happy??

Shouldn’t they be learning all these skills first before they decide to waste 5 yrs of their life in a college or university doing something that inevitably will make them miserable for the rest of their lives?

Oh, but they’ll have a good retirement package after 40 yrs of service.

What’s the rush mom and dad? Why the push? Are you wanting something better for their lives then you had maybe? Can’t they decide that for themselves? Why all this extra pressure and stress? Aren’t they just kids?

17!! They’re kids!

They’ve also just spent more than two thirds of their life in school . Can’t they just have a break? Go work, go discover who they really are? Go live and have fun and enjoy their teenage years before choosing a “career path”? Can’t they do that?

Maybe Johnny doesn’t want to be an accountant because, you know, dad, grandpa and Uncle Ted and cousin Bobby are all accountants so it runs in the family. Maybe Johnny wants to be a fucking waiter in some fancy ass fine dining establishment? Maybe he likes people more than numbers!!

Why don’t you let them decide without putting undue pressure on them to “choose something because you’re going to college!!”?

Why can’t we just let our kids be kids until it’s time to be grown ups.

Now don’t get me wrong here (maybe too late?), I get that some kids already do know what they want to do for the rest of their lives and have found their passion and their calling (though at 17 I have my doubts but what do I know) and are eager and excited to hit University and College. Kudos to them!! Honestly. I think that’s absolutely amazing (shocking too).

But what about the rest? The rest that are made to choose a program when they have absolutely no clue. None whatsoever.

Hey mom and dad. Just chill out. Let Johnny and Sarah find jobs, make their own money, yes even if it’s McDonald’s, and give them time to figure out what they want to do, not what you expect them to do.

I’d love to know what your thoughts are on this (maybe? 😜)

please put your rotten tomatoes away

Peace and Love

xo iva xo

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