Hey Jordan thanx so much for your comment. Sorry your emotions are kicking you :(

Usually when I write truth letters, I am in the middle of a trigger at home. The best way for me to release the anger is get it out immediately. I throw the letters away because they are usually full of hate and anger and I really don’t want negative stuff like that laying around my house ;)

I’ve never forgiven a person in person because the exercise is for me, not them, and many of these people are either dead or no longer in my life (also I now live in Guatemala so face to face is kinda hard)

You must be aware that if you do want to forgive in person, what will their reaction be? Will they care? Will they feel bad? Will you be able to handle even more emotions, if they happen to be negative? Are you wanting to strengthen a relationship with this purpose and hope that forgiveness will do that?

Forgiveness is for you, do what feels best and right in your heart ❤

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