Even Salt Looks Like Sugar

In one of my most recent articles I talked about how I don’t trust a whole lot of people these days. You can read more about that here:

So I mentioned the guy who stole $1000 from me and I promised I’d tell you more about it another time.

It’s time now. Besides, this has been sitting in drafts for awhile and it’s time to write it out. I love to write out all the shit that’s happened in my life because it’s very therapeutic for me.

I’m a big fan of ‘truth letters’ for healing and forgiveness too. I haven’t written one out to him in awhile. Might be time to do that too.

In the meantime, lemme tell you this story about how a man I once called a ‘very dear friend’ took money from me.

We met at the mission. He was my team captain. He was slightly mean and seemed kinda cold hearted. I found the soft spot and we became friends. There may have been a little bit of a mutual affection there but he was married and I don’t touch that stuff.

After two years, we were pretty close. We would go out for coffee after volunteering most Saturdays. He poured out his troubles as I did mine. He helped me when I needed help and I was happy to help him out too when needed.

We were simply just really good friends.

Time for me to go

When I was getting ready to move to Guatemala I needed help with the transfer of my car. It was sold, literally, the day before I was to fly out of Canada. All paperwork had been done and all that was left was the transfer of the money.

I drove my car to the Toronto airport, hugged him and his wife goodbye and went on my merry way.

Simple enough, yes?

I was off to my new adventure confident in knowing that all 53 years of my life had been taken care of. I flew off to paradise and the exciting new life that was ahead.

With the sale of the car, I had a nice comfy little savings stash and I was making decent enough money as a Social Media Manager. Things were good and everything was going smoothly.

Until this happened…

A couple of days after I got settled here in paradise, I checked my bank account to make sure all the funds were there. You can imagine my shock when I discovered they weren’t.

From the sale of my car, there was $1000 missing. I didn’t even have to guess who took it.

I immediately messaged him. ‘Yo dude. There’s some money missing. What’s up?’

He quickly apologized, told me he needed to borrow some money and didn’t want to bother me to ask me because he knew I would be busy and stressed with my move.

So he just helped himself to it.

Wait…the only thing that’s stressing me with my move right now is that you helped yourself to $1000 of my money.

Ok so when are you going to pay it back? I ask. A valid question I think. He promises to repay in one month.

One month came and went. As did another. And then one year. And another year.

After two years of hounding him on Facebook he finally blocked me. There will be no return of $1000 anytime soon. I mean, it’s been over 3 years now. I suppose if I really want to fuck him up I could file a small claims case against him, and yes I can do that from here.

To be honest, I’m still entertaining that thought. But it seriously is a ton of work. I still may.

I can say I’ve forgiven him and I kinda have but part of me still gets pretty angry when I think about this. 😡

But the valuable lesson here boys and girls…even salt looks like sugar. You can’t say ‘oh that would never happen to me’. Anything can happen to any of us at any time.

Never say never.

If I do decide against filing a claim, I’ll have to learn to just let it go and try to forget about it. Forgive, move on and let Karma take care of his deceitful ass.

Your day will come my friend and the only unfortunate part of that is I won’t be there to see it.

Peace and Love

xo iva xo

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