Does Anyone Even Give a Shit?

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You really don’t have to. Honestly. These are my stories, my life and oh, guess what we’re talking about today? This fucking addiction again. Do you give a shit? You honestly don’t have to care at all and you can stop reading now if you like (but could you clap a few times before you leave please? 😝)

It’s week 4, or is it the end of week 3? I don’t even know anymore. It feels like a fucking life time. If you remember last Saturday I was out slamming back tequilas with my friends (you can read about that below) and of course, I had to buy cigarettes. I mean, come on, how can you drink and not smoke?? Certainly not a fucking addict. We can’t perform tricks like that. Get real.

So I smoked my brains out and by Sunday evening my chest was tight, my voice was hoarse and I felt gross and disgusting. But oh, I had to keep smoking what was left in the pack that day. Mind you, by bedtime there was still 2 left but they got crushed because there was no way in hell I was starting a new week with cigarettes in the house. Nope.

Monday morning rolled around and I’m off to start another “let’s kick this habit” week. It’s Thursday as I write this and still no cigarettes. Yay Iva. Oddly enough, I haven’t even had any real cravings for one. Yay again!.

That’s not to say that tomorrow will be the same. Or even the next day. Every day for an addict is unknown. Will today be the day? Can I make it through this day without a fix? I mean, I’ve already done 4 days. Hell I’ve even done 3 years.

Surely I can do this right?

You know what I love about not smoking? My hair smells so fucking wonderful. ❤ That’s a big deal for me as a former hairstylist. I’m all about my hair. I don’t think that will ever go away.

But do you even give a shit? Honestly, you don’t have to. I’ve indirectly made you all my accountability buddies, but you don’t have to care about my addiction. It’s not your problem it’s mine.

Here’s to another smoke free day ❤

Peace and Love

xo iva xo

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