Do This One Thing Every Day For 8 Minutes

Not 7, not 10, but 8 minutes! Capiche?

Where are all the Pinterest whores in the house? Hands up! 🙋‍♀️Don’t worry. It’s a good addiction to have. There is much to learn on Pinterest and besides, all those cookie videos?!? Colour me happy!

I spend about 15–20 minutes, ok maybe more, on Pinterest in the evening reading things I’ve saved (mostly educational) and checking for super cool stuff.

Every now and then shiny object syndrome hits and I find myself on a website reading about how if I “use these two simple ingredients you will look 20 years younger in 24 hours”.

Yes!! I’m up for that.

Unfortunately, I’m often disappointed when I read through the blog only to find out I’ve been using these two magical ingredients for over 2 years now and I still look 50-ish.

Ah well.

Last night’s magical secret?

So there I was last night surfing Pinterest and came across this interesting Pin:

Face Yoga 101-anti aging exercises

Face yoga? I can’t even do body yoga and now my face has to do yoga too?

I had to think about this for a minute. Body yoga is hella boring (to me) but face yoga can’t be that bad, right?

So ya, I clicked on that shit to read more.

I mean what does face yoga look like and consist of? I was soon to find out.

Well that’s attractive. 🤦‍♀️

So I have to admit, there were some pretty neat exercises (not like the one above) and I thought for sure I could easily do some of them.

I could. Will I? Probably not. But I could.

Then down the rabbit hole I went reading more face yoga blogs and watching more videos. Oy. Iva go to bed for God sake.

And then I found this

One blog insisted that I had to do their face yoga exercises for a total of 8 minutes. No longer, no less. 8 minutes. She was adamant.

Ok Felicia, what’s up with that?

I mean, what if I’m in a rush and I only have 7 minutes to devote to face yoga? Or what if I’m really enjoying it and I want to do 10 minutes of face yoga? What will happen to my face then if I choose the latter? What will I end up looking like?

Will I end up being too beautiful or maybe my face too tight?

What if I only have 7 minutes then? What are the consequences? Can you please tell me? Will my face fall off? Bitch I need to know. Why didn’t you clarify?


I finally closed Pinterest, put on some soothing YouTube music and zenned out. But I couldn’t stop thinking…

…what if I want to do 12 minutes!?

Peace and Love

xo iva xo

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