Clap Interpretations From a Confused Writer

1 or 50? This is how it goes down in my books.

Pixabay (this kid is just ridiculously adorable ❤ )

I gotta admit. When I first signed up to Medium I had no idea how that whole clap thingymabobber worked. Hit it once and these fun little things fly out of the hands. Cool. I’m easily amused.

It probably took me a good month or more to understand just how the claps really do work. You see, when I first joined, I literally just showed up and started writing. I didn’t read any rules (don’t try that at home kids) and I didn’t look into Medium at all to even find out how it works.

Nope. Nudda. I just came and wrote.

So a few months in and I was sort of getting the hang of it. I mean, honestly, I still have a shit ton to learn but thanx to some great peeps in a group I belong to, I get all of my questions answered. Phew.

See? Who needs to read rules?

I dug a little deeper to find out about this whole clapping thing. How many and why. Well everyone had a totally different answer to that one. Then about a month or so later, Shannon wrote an article about clapping 50 times. Ooooh. I get it now. (sorry I can’t find that article but go follow her and find it 😜)

Anyway, after reading her article, that had some really good points in it, I decided that everyone was going to get 50 claps from me. No matter what. You can read about that here:

I get that not everyone gives out 50 claps. That’s cool! But I’m a curious creature by nature. I want to know more. Why did you only clap 4 times for that piece yet 13 times for the other? Does this mean there were 9 more interesting sentences?

I dunno.

Then my imagination goes into overdrive and I end up inventing my own reasons as to why people clap the amount they do. To be honest, I used to have this ridiculous clapping system until I finally just started handing out 50 all the time.

If you were sitting at 328 claps, I’d either give you 12 to round it up to 340 or 22 to round it up to 350. No reason or rhyme. But I would never go higher than that. Nope. That’s all you get from me. So my method of clapping had absolutely nothing to do with your article and everything to do with math.

Ok, so I’m a bit of an odd character.

Moving on and before I give you my clap interpretations, please know this is all in fun and the result of a crazy imagination. I’m not looking to shit on anyone. Chill out. 😁

Clap interpretations:

1–5- This one actually has two meanings in my mind- You suck, this article sucked and I’m just clapping to show some support. Be grateful you’re getting that much. The other possible meaning is- Like you Iva, I have no idea how the clapping system works so here’s 1 clap. I’ll surely figure it out one day and give you more. Until then this is what you get.

6–10- I think I may like this article but not enough to clap more. Like, it’s ok but I’ve read way better by a 12 year old. So I’ll support you a wee bit but know one thing. Until you sharpen your pencil and write better, that’s all you get from me. Capiche?

11–20-Meh! Not my favourite Medium article but I don’t mind clapping a few times for this one. Could you be more controversial next time though? I suggest reading a few other articles to see what I mean. You’ll figure it out.

21–30- Hey I thought this was really good but it doesn’t deserve 5 stars in my books. Besides, I’m so tired from clapping today 25 is all I can muster right now. My hands are sore.

31–40-I can totally relate to almost everything you said here. Almost. Can you make it more about me next time and less about you though? memememememeemeeeee!!

41–50- You rock, your writing rocks, I think I love you, you’re a superstar in my books and keep doing more of that thing you do. Will you marry me? ❤

I actually love the whole clapping thing that Medium has going on here but I think it’s confusing to some people (at least it was for me). They might think things like “Do I have to pay if I clap more than 10 times?” No, you don’t. Or “If I clap 50 times will I look like a clapper freak?” Yup you will. 😂

Anyway, I’m not here to tell you how many times to clap or why you should or shouldn’t or anything like that. It’s just that every now and then I go through my claps and drift off into “I wonder why” land. I just thought I’d share the random things that go through my head every now and then.

I do, however, want to close with this…

Thank you, to each and every one of you mofos who clap, comment, hilite, share and support all the writers here. You have absolutely no idea how much that means to us. Medium has given us this amazing platform to use our voice and you give us reason to keep shouting and writing.

And all kidding aside, 1 clap or 50 claps, I appreciate every single one. Honest I do.

Because of you, I will keep bleeding ink.

I love you ❤

Peace and Love

xo iva xo

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