Chasing Jesus

Where the heck did he go now?

Iva Ursano
2 min readApr 17, 2022



Here in my little town of Panajachel Guatemala it’s Semana Santa. The most important time of the year, next to the birth of Jesus-you know, Christmas day. They celebrate for the entire week.

Celebrations consist of procession after procession, bombas, firecrackers, super loud music, alfombras (see image below) and so much more.

Alfombra (carpet) made of coloured sawdust, and usually fruits and veggies and flowers
The streets are lined with these

Where the heck is Jesus?

The one thing that is usually NOT clear is where the heck Jesus is and what time can we see him. I mean, besides those days between Good Friday and Easter Sunday where he was hiding in a cave, it’s a hit and miss if you know where he is and what time the next procession starts.

The processions are a big thing here.

Good Friday procession

Asking any official type person here what the heck is going on and when and where Jesus is, is pointless. No one ever knows.

You literally just end up chasing Jesus.

If you see the streets are blocked, you know he’s on a float somewhere and you go up and down the streets to find him.

We chased Jesus for 3 days

We knew there was a procession Friday but little did we know, they changed the normal route. Semana Santa had been cancelled the last two years (thanx covid) so things are a little different this year.

We sat and waited in our usual spot from previous years only to realize he ain’t coming down this way.

And off we went, chasing Jesus.

We totally missed the Easter Sunday procession, you know, the resurrection. We settled on celebrating his return with a yummy breakfast at one of our favourite breakfast spots.

I mean, after chasing Jesus for 4 days, and actually only catching him once, we had worked up quite the appetite

Silly Jesus…can you send out a detailed plan next year? Thanx




Iva Ursano