Can We Please Remove the Word Failure From the Dictionary?

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Out of all the F words I know, Failure is the one that drives me bat shit crazy. Why does it even exist? The same goes for the word Coincidence. There’s no such thing! Why doesn’t Webster understand that? Who came up with these words anyway?

I hear this word so many times and I cringe each and every single time. The hair on the back of my neck actually stands up. True story.

Let’s go back many years (shall we say 40?) when no matter what I did or how hard I tried, I was a constant disappointment to my parents. I was pretty sure they hated me.

“Iva you’re no good, Iva you’re a disappointment, Iva you’re putting the family to shame, Iva Iva Iva, bla bla bla.” It was never good. I was never good enough and I certainly wasn’t as good as the other girls in the neighbourhood or at school. They all had their shit together (or so it seemed) with great parents and a sweet life.

I grew up thinking that my fate in life was to be the biggest loser and failure ever.

As I got older and kept trying things, it just seemed that things always turned to shit. Maybe I was a failure. Maybe I will never amount to anything.

It didn’t really hit me until about 5 years ago ago when I realized that I’m not a failure. I’m a persistent little pit bull. Try this. Oops. Two steps back, one step forward. Ok, try that instead. Ah, that worked.

The more things I tried, the more I learned and grew. I removed the word failure from my vocabulary and kept at this thing called life. Once I stopped saying that “f” word, I became braver, bolder and way more badass.

Suddenly, nothing was gonna stop me, ever. No matter what.

I’m not a failure. I’m an experimenter! I finally figured it out! I wanted to experience things and explore and expand and I knew that as long as I continued to think of myself as a failure, nothing was going to change or happen in my life.

The word failure keeps people from living the life of their dreams. We have a delicious thought and then “boom,” that word shows up. Oh but what if you fail? Right. Better not do that.

Can you imagine if people were never afraid of failing or wait, let’s take that one step further, if the word failure didn’t even exist? Oh how wonderful everyone’s life could be! Just imagine the possibilities!

You would do things you’ve only ever dreamed of doing. You would live a life of crazy fucking ridiculous joy.

You’re not a failure, you never will fail, ever, at anything, and the word failure is just a trap to keep you stuck where you are. It’s a lie. It’s all just a big fat made up lie in your head.

Do yourself a favour, start calling yourself an “experimenter” and go live the life you deserve!

Dear Webster, can you please do something about this ridiculous “f” word? Thanx!

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Peace and Love

xo iva xo

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