Auto-correct, I Ducking Lice You!

From my iPad to yours.

Photo by bruce mars from Pexels

Last night I was having a conversation with my son and auto-correct totally messed up one line. It was so bad I couldn’t even see my screen anymore because I was laughing so hard I was crying.

We were talking about working out. I’ve just quit smoking and decided it’s time to start exercising my lazy ass again. This is how it went down.

10 baby dead kids. I can’t even.

I promise not to bombard you with images for this article but here are a few more I found that had me laughing my ass off.

And one more

You seriously have to love auto-correct ❤

I have a Swype keyboard on my phone and Samsung note. I can’t live without Swype. The one on my phone works great. The one on my Note, not so much. It’s possessed. That I am certain of.

I actually added a few of my favourite eff words in my phone because I got tired of everything being ‘duck, ducking, ducked, mother duck’ …you get the drift.

My all time favourite one is this (sorry no screen shot because it happened so long ago I can’t retrieve it)

My sister and I are having a conversation. We always end our conversations like this:

Her-Love you 😘

Me-Love you too. 😘

One day “Love you too” came out like this:

“Lice you tipi”

We were dying! That became our go to fun phrase if and when the conversation was starting to get too heavy.

Perfect timing for random auto-correct

I love auto-correct for the simple fact that you could be in the middle of an intense conversation, one that isn’t going very well, the keyboard plays tricks and suddenly you’re laughing.

We take life and things way too seriously sometimes. Auto-correct works to make sure we lighten up a bit.

The world can be a shitty place

In this crazy stressed out and sometimes fucked up world, we get too caught up in our own issues and other people’s drama. The news has a wonderful way of ramming negativity down our throats. I prefer to bury my head in the sand and be oblivious to all the negative shit going on in the world.

I know there is chaos going on. I’m aware of the tragedies, wars, hunger (oh trust me on that one, I’m so aware) and all the other things that are mostly completely out of my control.

There’s little to nothing I can do about 99% of this but send prayers and love in hopes it all ends soon.

But that’s not the point of all this.

The point is to look on the bright side of life. Take time to find things that make you laugh. Look for the good, the beauty and humour in life. Auto-correct can help with the last one.

If you’re ever having a really down day, instead of drowning in sorrow and self pity go Google ‘funny auto-corrects’. Find things to make you laugh and snap you out of your shit mood.

Life is just too damn short. Laugh more.

Here’s one more 😉

Peace and Love

ox iva xo

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