After 50, You Just Stop Caring

About everything. And after 60 it’s even worse, or better, depending on who you ask.

Iva Ursano


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I was watching this comedian on Dry Bar Comedy about being 50 and no longer caring about mostly everything ever anymore. She was hysterical and worth watching. I’ll drop the link to that down below.

no no no no no no…don’t watch it now…this first

I could easily relate to just about everything she talked about. After 50, you just stop caring. Period.

I’m not sure if it’s a midlife crisis or menopause or what the fuck you want to call it but I basically don’t give a shit about too much of anything these days.

Now don’t get me wrong. I care AN AWFUL LOT about the super important things like:

  • my kid/my family/my friends
  • dogs
  • kindness
  • being kind to animals
  • being kind to other humans
  • being kind to the planet
  • puppies
  • my hair

You get the idea. I’m all about being kind. Did I make that clear enough? You see, in the end, only kindness matters. And love. Lots of love.

I’m still alive??

I’m gonna be honest here, every single damn day I’m just grateful I’m still alive and healthy. That is the single most important thing to me. After that, nothing else really matters.

I mean, yes I still have to pay bills and work and eat and function in society as a decent human being. Those things matter too.

But just the fact that I have breath in me? Wow. That’s pretty amazing. I care an awful lot about THAT too!!

After 60 it’s magnified

I turned 60 last month and realized that I care even less about shit than I did in my 50’s and there wasn’t much then. I’m wondering what the 70’s will be like.

I’ve realized that as I go about my day, I don’t give a shit … about a lot.

Every day most things don’t matter. I kinda just stopped caring about them because I can’t justify giving them any attention or energy.