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You’re here because you’re either nearing 50, you are 50 or you’re over 50 and you have no clue what you should be wearing anymore. Like, is there a catalogue for age appropriate clothes for 50 year olds? Who knows.

Anyway, today I’m gonna tell you 10 things you should…

Depositphotos-that’s not really me, but you knew that right? 😂

I can’t believe I’m already 50 something years old. Actually, soon I’ll be 60. I’m not sure if I should be sad or happy I made it this far. There were certainly many times I should have died.

To say the last 50 years has been nothing short of an…


I used to be a princess. I had it all. Nice clothes, boots, shoes, tons of gold jewelry, leather coats, I mean, you name it, I had it. Until I didn’t. My last bankruptcy, and leaving my abusive relationship wiped all that out for me.

At 53 years old I…


I think we’re all going through a little bit of a hard time right now, amirite? I mean, how many of us have had to go through extended quarantines and isolation? How many of us have lost jobs, savings, hope, family and so much more in the last 18 months.


puppies are jerks 🥰🐾

If you’ve ever had to train a puppy you know how absolutely exhausting it can be. They’re too cute to get mad at and they laugh at you when you’re screaming. They don’t gaf how mad you get. They love you anyway.

Down here in Guatemala we have a serious…


There’s so much craziness going on in the world today it’s kinda hard to ignore it. I pretty much keep my head in the clouds and do my best to not get wrapped up in all that negativity. Today I want to write something a little more light hearted and…

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