9 Songs That Are My Life

I’m gonna be honest here, I was tagged by some great peeps here Austin Briggman, Mike Develle and LB to take on this challenge. I put it off because I wasn’t sure I was up for it but…….

I have nothing else to write today so here I am. Trying to come up with 9 songs that make up my life. Now I think the original challenge was to share your favourite 9 songs that hold sweet memories for you?

All the songs I listen to all the time have meaning. They don’t necessarily hold memories of any one event or person. They are all just songs I like to listen to. So to say these songs make up my life or hold special memories would be slightly inaccurate.

And wait, who chose 9 for this anyway?

They’re just my favourite-ish songs. I love singing to them and playing them really fucking loud.

In no particular order of most favourite, here we go:

  1. To Sir With Love

Ok I’ll admit, this is def my all time favourite for sure but I gotta say, I like Tina Arena’s version better than the original done by Lulu

2. Everyone’s Waiting-Missy Higgins

I stumbled on this song on Spotify awhile back and I absolutely love love love it. Sometimes I feel the lyrics speak to me.

3. Christmas Canon Rock-Transiberian Orchestra

Ok sorry. I’m one of those people who listen to Christmas music all year round. This song… her voice…heaven.

4. Hallelujah-K.D Lang

Can you handle another Christmas song? Too bad if you can’t. I love this song, all versions of it. Pentatonix does a friggin amazing job but my favourite version is by none other than my favourite Canadian singer K.D. Lang. ❤

5. What a Good Boy-Barenaked Ladies

Ok, this song has memories. Me and my son, on a balcony in a hotel in Ottawa, him with his guitar, both of us singing. It was beautiful ❤

6. Killing Me Softly-Fugees

‘nuff said.

7. These Are the Days-10,000 Maniacs

Ok so I lied again. There are memories associated to this one that, again, include my son. We both have lyrics from this song tattooed, his on his chest, mine on my back. He got his in Thailand and 14 hours later I got mine in Guatemala. ❤ Nothing like some good mom and son bonding with ink.

8. Strong-London Grammar

It’s just her voice. ❤

9. More Than Words-Extreme

There’s a memory here. ❤ And I love the harmony of this song and the message. It’s just so beautiful.

Ok so this was a lot easier than I thought it was gonna be. I promise Miss Bonnie Barton I’ll never do this again. You’re the music queen here! ❤ 👸

So I’ll go ahead and tag some peeps. Don’t feel obligated. Cheney Meaghan Jenny White Jason Weiland Joren van Schaik Brian Brewington Bebe Nicholson Share your best songs with us, or not 🤷‍♀️

Hope you liked my collection. These ones are all on my Spotify playlist (yes even the Christmas) and I listen to them all the time.

Used with permission from The Awkward Yeti-find them on Facebook

I love you

Peace and Love

xo iva xo

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