9 Profound Thoughts To Help You Get Through Hard Times

You’re gonna be ok, I promise

Iva Ursano
9 min readMar 12, 2021



Wouldn’t it be nice if life was just smooth sailing all the time? No cares, no struggles, no trauma, no stress. A dream life, yes? Unfortunately, it doesn’t really go down like that. Getting through hard times can often be a challenge and exhausting for so many of us.

Really crappy things happen that send us flying backwards. Most of the time, things happen we simply don’t know how to handle or deal with. And we break. Hard.

We all deal with situations differently. Some let certain things just roll off their back while those same certain things could be terribly chaotic for others. It’s all in perspective.

For example, I may deal with a boyfriend breakup really hard while dealing with death is actually quite easy for me.

So how bad is your hard time??

To be honest, it all depends on the situation and how it affects you. I went through a crap ton of really sad stuff last year and each one was handled very differently. Some I am still hanging on to (ya I need to work on that) while others I let go of ages ago.

My mom’s death for example was ok with me as I’m happy she’s no longer suffering. However, the treatment I received by my family at my mom’s funeral was totally not ok with me and I’m still hurt by it. So how do I handle difficult times in life?

For me, getting through hard times is more of a learning lesson on how I’ll handle and grow from it.

I try to see everything through the eyes of love and forgiveness. It’s actually pretty easy to do though it does take awhile to be healed completely. And I’ll be honest, I may never get over the fact that I lost half my family last year but it’s a situation I’ve learned to just let go of.

It still hurts but it doesn’t consume me anymore.

You might really enjoy this video I made over on my new YouTube channel Women Blazing Trails. I talk about how I hit rock bottom and went through one of the most difficult times of my life and how I got through it.

Going through tough times makes you stronger



Iva Ursano