6 Overlooked Passive Income Streams For Bloggers

You might not even know about

When I first started blogging I didn’t even know what passive income was. To be honest, I barely knew how to blog properly. That was 5 years ago. Here we are today and I now can proudly say I have 8 income streams in place that bring me in a nice comfy monthly income.

Blogging to make money

So many of us start blogging in the hopes we can achieve “6 figure blogger status” in under a year. I mean, so many claim to do this, so why can’t we, right?

Well, you can and you can’t.

You can if you:

  • are willing to put in 12 hour days
  • are creative enough to come up with lucrative ideas
  • are persistent
  • and have a pitbull mentality (kinda like me)

But it won’t be easy. Your rise to 6 figures will be frustrating and exhausting. Too many bloggers go in with the hopes of trading in their shitty 9–5 job in 6 months.

Those success stories are few and far between but they exist.

I traded in my job after almost a year of busting my butt to make it happen and working 13–14 hours a day to get there.

So yes you can do it, but it won’t be easy.

Passive income stream ideas

About a year ago or so, the only income stream I had was ads on my site. Now while the earnings were good, they fluctuated a lot depending on my daily traffic. As my traffic grew, so did my earnings.

But I knew there had to be other ways to make money online.

So I joined a really good blogging group on Facebook to learn more about how to increase my earnings as a blogger and to find other ways to make money.

I read pdfs till my eyes bled and watched copious amounts of YouTube videos on the subject.

So now I want to share with you 6 of the passive income stream ideas I’ve implemented and made a little bit of money from each month!

6 income streams often overlooked

Now before I begin, I know that many bloggers add ads to their site to make some nice passive income. While this is a great idea I think it’s wise to wait until you have a decent amount of traffic before doing this.

Many of us start with Google AdSense (like I did) and make a couple of bucks a month. Keep in mind the earnings will be ridiculously low if you don’t have decent traffic and your readers will bounce if they see too many ads on a new site.

The small amount of money you will make each month simply isn’t worth losing your readers over. Be patient and wait.

Grow your traffic and then apply to a higher paying ad agency.

Let’s move on…

Affiliate marketing

Now I know some of you probably already use this but I think many forget that each program or product they use and purchase has an affiliate program. From Canva for images to WordPress themes.

The possibilities are endless. I even have an affiliate link for the ad agency I use so every time someone signs up, I make a small commission off their monthly earnings. Not too shabby I’d say.

If you don’t find an affiliate program, reach out to them, and ask them if they have one! Surprisingly enough, most do!

While it’s great to have affiliate links in your posts it’s not enough to just link them in text. People need a clear CTA. They have to be told what to do. I’ve created buttons that tell them exactly what to do. Like the one below

I’ll talk about the amazing benefits of Canva and drop this box right below. I insert my affiliate link to this box so when they click on it, it goes right to Canva.

It clearly tells them what to do. We need clear direction!

Buy me a coffee

This is a fun one that brings in a little each month. I use Ko-Fi because it’s super easy to use, their platform is great and people love to buy coffee.

While I have the paid version (which is only $6 I think) you can still use it for free!

I put a little “Buy me a coffee” image at the bottom of each blog post and if they loved the post, they buy me a coffee and say “omg thank you Iva that was great I love you”. True story.

I make around $50–100 a month on Ko-Fi. This is what my CTA looks like:

Short, sweet, and to the point!

Some bloggers I know use the Ko-Fi widget on their site but because so many users are on mobile now, the widget is almost invisible. I’m all about CTA’s in a post. I feel they are the most effective.

Ko-Fi is fun because you can share your goals with your fans so they know where their donations are going. I feed hungry bellies and stray dogs and they know that. I also add many images of all the bellies we’ve fed with their donations so it makes them feel like they are doing their part in helping to stop hunger.

It’s awesome I love it!!!

Turn a blog into a mini eBook

I’ve just started doing this. I now have a mini self help eBook series of blogs that are now eBooks. I sell them each for $5 and they surprisingly sell quite well.

I mean, I’m not making thousands on these but every dollar helps!

I use Canva to write up a nice little eBook and now have a subdomain that hosts only my eBooks.

Take one of your most popular posts and make a book out of it! Go into Google Analytics to see which posts are in your top 10, and turn them into a mini eBook to sell!

You can find your best performing posts here:

Go to Behaviour>Site Content>Landing pages. This information is gold. This is also a good cue for you to get some great affiliate links into these top-performing posts too!!

Create a fun store!

Now while this may take a little work on your part it’s pretty much a set it and forget it once it’s in place.

I recently joined RedBubble and will spend some time figuring out how to use it but from what I see, it’s easy peasy.

They have a bajillion items you place a design on and away you go!! If you’re a creative, you just might love this! There are also many other places you can sell products (Amazon, TeeSpring, Etsy and Zazzle to name a few).

Go have a look and see what you can find. The possibilities are endless. Right now, it seems printables are big sellers and you can create those in Canva and sell them right on your site!

You can make a printable on just about anything really. Remember, you are the expert and people need your knowledge!!

Host a party

A private party that is. You are an expert at something and while many people do search for answers on Google and YouTube sometimes people like to feel they are getting special attention and belong to something.

Create a private Facebook group, send out an email to your subscribers, and announce your party. Tell them the cost to attend is xx amount of dollars and only so many will be allowed in.

You can do this as often as you want. Once a week, twice a month. The choice is yours.

I’ll be hosting private Angel Card reading parties and I’m super excited about it. I did just a test run with a group of friends and it was a hit! I would recommend doing a trial run so you can work out all the glitches, technology-wise and otherwise before you host a paid party.

This is how I set up my private party:

  • created a Private Facebook group
  • invited 10 of my friends to be guinea pigs
  • added them to the group
  • set a time and date and then reminded them the day of
  • and then went Live in the group doing my thing.

All that was required from them was 100% honest feedback on how they think the party went.

Thankfully my test run was a success! Yay!

Seriously. How fun is that??

So after you run a real party you can then upsell a service or product to those who attended. They’ll want more!! You’ll see :)

Become an affiliate

Do you have a service, product, or eBook you want to get out there more? Offer an affiliate program and get other people to help you sell your stuff.

The more eyes on your things the better and remember, every person you know, knows 200 people you don’t. But also keep something in mind. While that statement may be true, think about how many followers each person has that you don’t.

Personally, I have over 1 million followers across all my platforms so if you create an affiliate program and I become an affiliate, well, you do the math.

I use Sendowl to host all my products and am currently looking into making affiliate links for all my products and services.

Whether you have courses on Teachable, products on Gumroad, or wherever you can turn any of them into affiliates and start promoting!

Sounds like a win-win to me!

The skies the limit

The earning potential for bloggers and creators is unlimited. The only limits are the ones we set.

Is there anything better than making money while you sleep? I mean, wouldn’t you love to wake up with an influx of cash creeping into your bank account? ~Jeff Rose

I feel so many of us are blocked my limiting beliefs that “we can’t do this” or “this is too hard” or even this one “I don’t know how”.

Figure out a way. Don’t be afraid to learn something new and try new things. That’s how we grow. And as we grow, so does our bank account.

Here’s to your success!

xo iva xo

Self help Guru|Expat|Website: https://amazingmemovement.com/ mini self help eBook series here: https://books.amazingmemovement.com/

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