5 Tips to Control the Shitshow That’s Going On In Your Mind


Let’s face it, we all have a million spark plugs firing off at the same time in our minds every single minute of the day. The problem with that is, none of them are actually starting anything. Ok, well maybe one or two are. But what about the rest of them?

I like to call it shiny object syndrome but we all know it’s deeper than that. It’s lack of focus and crippling fear of all the shiny things. This one is so pretty and so is this one and that one and oh look at them all but……….what the fuck do I do with them with the bigger question being, when are they actually gonna start something?

They end up being a jumbled up mess of thoughts and ideas that never get off the ground or put to rest because, well, it’s so much easier to just keep them all tucked away in that safe and comfortable place, our minds.

But in all honesty, safe is for wimps. Safe is for people who play and think small, and that ain’t us. We are not wimps, dammit! We’re movers and shakers. We’re the game changers. Amirite?

So how do we stop, or at the very least, get a grip on, this chaos that’s going on? That’s constantly tormenting us. What do we do with all these spark plugs (aka thoughts and ideas) that never start anything?

Lemme help ya with that!

Step 1

Sit down with a pen and paper and write out at least 10 spark plugs (seriously I don’t really think there are a million firing off but I could be wrong). For example: start podcasting, write a book, learn how to use SEO, study a new language, forgive the douchebag from the past, call Martha and apologize, etc. You get the idea. Take all the spark plugs from your mind and put them on a piece of paper so you can actually see them!! Read it over. Feel each one.

Step 2

Take 1 spark plug and put it under the microscope. What do you see? Write out its description. Is it big or small? Does it cause you a great deal of anxiety or is it rather pleasing? Is it intimidating or easy to control? Can you do anything with it or is it a spark plug that has ran its course and it’s time to throw it away? Is it ugly and scary or is it pretty and makes you all warm and fuzzy inside?

Step 3

Now that you’ve examined the shit out of it, make a decision to either clean it up and make it work for you or throw it out. This spark plug could be an old wound that needs closing or an idea you’ve been sitting on for years! Do something with it. It isn’t serving you any purpose firing off in your mind anymore. Decide if it’s a chuck it or keep it.

Step 4

If you chose to toss it away, then take time to look at it carefully first, find out what the bigger lesson is with this one, forgive it, heal it, love it and let it go. Send it off with a loving goodbye ceremony. A funeral if you will. If you have no plans to move forward with it and you positively know that it will never fire properly or start anything, it’s gotta go.

If you chose to keep it and clean it, the next step is to do some research on it and see how you can make it start working properly. Do you need to talk to others who know what to do with it? Do you need to get on the internet and start googling answers on how to make it work? How much work will it require? Can you pencil this in your schedule and make a commitment to it?

Step 5

The commitment. You’re keeping the spark plug. Time to get to work and make this bugger start doing its job. Make a list of things that need to be done with this spark plug and start knocking them off. One at a time. Set aside time in your week to work on it.

Commitment, remember? We are not wimps, remember?

Once you get rolling nicely on spark plug 1, you can move on to another spark plug. Before you know it, all the spark plugs will be working properly and the rotten ones will be tossed.

Just in time for the next batch of misfit spark plugs!! I kid.

Another tip

If you aren’t already meditating, start now. Don’t like it? Don’t care. You’ll learn to love it and will make it part of your daily self care routine. You can thank me later.

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Peace and Love

xo iva xo

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