40 Things That Make Me Go UGH!!!!

The other side of the 40 things I love ❤


Though I generally don’t like to participate in any kind of negative lists, Sandra Ebejer was nice enough to do the 40 Things I Love and tagged me in this one so I couldn’t say no. Besides that, I got nothing to write about this week.

We are currently going through some family matters (mom is dying) so I just don’t have it in me to write this week. I’m thankful for Sandra for helping me with that :).

You can read about mom here. You really should ❤

And here’s The 40 Things I Love article ❤

The 40 Things I Love challenge spread like wildfire on Medium and everyone gave it their own wonderful spin. I enjoyed reading them ❤

So before I start on the 40 things that make me cringe if you know anything about me, you know I try to find the good and beauty in everything. I don’t waste a lot of energy on negative things.

However, with that said, I’m not perfect either and ya, some things make me want to stab people in the eye (there, I said it) or simply shudder. I usually try to keep all that to myself though.

Without further ado and in no particular order of importance, here it is:

  1. People who judge. When did you become perfect?
  2. Winter. One of the main reasons I left Canada.
  3. Mustard. Just Ewwwwww.
  4. Shrimp. Ewwww again. 🤮
  5. People who complain about their Medium earnings. It could be $0. Hell-O!!
  6. Drunk drivers. 😡
  7. Politics and everything politics.
  8. Getting slivers. I know, odd, but they irritate me!
  9. Showers with no water pressure. Like the one I have now.
  10. Slow drivers. Moooooooooove over please.
  11. Country music.
  12. When my son lectures me on my finances and budgeting ( I suddenly feel like the child and him the parent 🤔 even though he’s right about everything).
  13. When people make ignorant or rude comments on any of my inspirational posters on my Facebook page. Go make your own.
  14. Poverty. Why are people starving when there are billionaires in the world? 😒
  15. Homelessness. See above.
  16. Bullying.
  17. Trying to come up with 40 things I don’t like 😵
  18. Having cold feet.
  19. Having cold anything.
  20. Just cold. Period.
  21. Cruises. You will never catch me on one.
  22. Boats in general. Though I do occasionally get on a boat here, they terrify me.
  23. The news. I prefer to keep my head in the sand.
  24. When people don’t honestly participate in share threads. That’s just plain selfish and ignorant and infuriates me. 😡😡
  25. Any form of abuse but especially physical against children or animals.
  26. Learning SEO and WP stuff. I have a love hate relationship with this.
  27. Scheduling and working my Facebook page. I wish I could hire someone to do it for me. It’s like needles in my eyes right now 😒.
  28. People who are always late. Seriously?
  29. Not having a bath tub. Oh how I miss bubble baths 😥
  30. Spicy foods 😝
  31. People who post super vague statuses on Facebook. Tell it all Felicia or shut the fuck up.
  32. Not having an oven. I miss baking peanut butter cookies.
  33. Fake people. Smile to my face, talk shit about me behind my back. Fuck off.
  34. Stepping in dog shit. 🤢
  35. People who lie and steal. 😣
  36. Chain emails or chain messages in my messenger. Stop. I’m not holding my finger down and forwarding any bullshit. just.please.stop.
  37. The dentist. Though I do like getting my teeth cleaned and having a sparkly smile, I almost stop breathing the whole time I’m in the chair.
  38. Food poisoning. I’ve had it enough times down here in Guatemala and lemme tell ya, that shit is nasty (pardon the pun).
  39. People who don’t follow simple rules or answer questions. Pay attention and don’t make me have to repeat myself a million times. It’s annoying.
  40. Dirty windows. I literally just pulled this one out of my ass as I looked up to try to think of one last thing to write here. I live on the second floor and my windows are filthy and it’s next to impossible to clean them.

Shit that was hard af to come up with 40 things I don’t like. Eeeep! But I pulled it off. I’m not tagging a million people in this one. If you’re reading this, you’re tagged.

And I’ll end this negative article on this positive note:

I love you❤

Peace and Love

xo iva xo

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