3 Reasons Your Anger is Hurting You and How to Let it Go.

Yup, you’re pissed. They did it again. You asked her not to but she didn’t listen. Your boss hit that last nerve. Your mother-in-law is skating on thin ice. Your brother promised years ago to pay back that money and he still hasn’t. You have a small selective list of people who are making you angry. But you can’t hold onto that anger much longer. Might be time to let it go.

You can be angry at 1 person or 101 people, (God I hope not that many) the number doesn’t matter. You’re gonna carry that shit around with you ’til the end.

But….truth of the matter is, that anger you’re holding onto, is causing you more damage than you realize and it’s time to let it go. For real.

Ever find yourself in a conversation with your best friend and you get talking about that “person” who pissed you off and you can feel your heartbeat getting faster and faster, your words are coming out in fury, your hands almost start trembling, there’s a tight knot in your stomach.

Ya, all that. It’s shit. It sucks and it isn’t doing you any good, at all. I think maybe it’s time to take a closer look at all this anger and see exactly what it’s doing to you (not for you).

You already know that every time you think of your ex, talk about the shit he/she did, you get a headache. It happens every single time. How fun is that? Do you think he/she is sitting around caring about that shit thing they did to you and getting a headache too? I doubt it.

Or maybe it’s your neighbor that pissed you off. Or maybe that guy who just cut you off in traffic. Point is that it doesn’t really matter who pissed you off, it happened and every time you think about this person or event, you get a headache.

Don’t you think you deserve peace of mind? Headache free peace of mind? Of course you do! Does that thing really matter anymore in the grand scheme of things or you just rehashing it to try to get more people to agree with you that that person “is a douchebag and ya they did you wrong”.

Who cares? Let it go. Is it gonna matter in 5, 10 or 30 years? Nope. Not one bit. Is there anything you can do about it anyway? Nope, nudda. Guess what I’m gonna tell you next…

Let it go. Next time you get thinking about it and just before your blood starts boiling, stop yourself and remind yourself that your peace of mind is more important. Honest it is.

Stress sucks. Period. And doesn’t your stress level seem to elevate when you think about that time or that person? Of course it does. Doing you any good? Of course it isn’t.

Stress plays all kinds of tricks on you. Some tricks I bet you didn’t even know about.

  • agitation
  • sleepless nights
  • nail biting
  • poor appetite
  • constant fatigue
  • and so much more

So let’s go back to the question I asked earlier, do you think the person who shit on you is going through any of this too? Of course not. They could not care less. Guess what…

Time to let it go….

Your losing precious time which could be better spent being happy, in joy, at peace, laughing,enjoying life, etc. Yup. You hanging onto all that anger is robbing you of the life you deserve to live. A life of crazy ridiculous fucking joy!

Why would you waste, or keep wasting, any of your life being angry at someone or something that just doesn’t matter anymore? Have you heard the expression “Life is too short”? Of course you have. Stop wasting your life being angry at stupid shit. Smarten up!

Guess what I’m gonna tell you now…..let it go…for real.

You know, I’ve had a lifetime of really, and I mean really, shitty things that have been done to me. From the beatings I endured from the people who were supposed to love me, to the ex who lied and cheated, to the so called friend who robbed me of $1000…

I could go on but you get the idea.

I’m no stranger to crap and I’m sure you’re not either. We’ve all suffered some form of crap from someone over something. I’ve learned to let things go.

I’ve removed monkeys off my back, pulled thorns out of my side and scraped chips off my shoulders. I walk lightly and in joy. Anger and hatred no longer weigh me down.

My wish is that you can learn to let these things go too and live a life of crazy fucking ridiculous joy because that, my friend, is why you are here.

Anyone wanna buy a monkey?

Peace and Love

xo iva xo



Self help Guru|Expat|Website: https://womenblazingtrails.com/ donations for dogs https://ko-fi.com/ivaursano

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