2 Reasons Why Your Friends and Family Don’t Support You

I have 325 ‘friends’ on Facebook, 654 people follow me (why is still a mystery to me) — about 10 real life close friends (some in Guatemala, some back in Canada) and only 4 family members I talk to (now that’s a pathetic number, truly).

Out of all those numbers you know how many support my work and share my shit? About 7 give or take a couple.


I have 325 ‘friends’ on Facebook and 7 people support my work (and why is my friend’s list still so high?)



I don’t have to name these people. They know who they are and I fucking love them hard.

So what about the other 318 ‘friends’ (and what’s up with those 654 people who are following me?) who claim to love what I do and are so proud of me and “oh Iva you’re such an inspiration” and bla bla bla. Am I now?

Though I really do appreciate your kind words of encouragement, words don’t pay my bills. Sorry. And, if you love my stuff so much, well, why don’t you share my things?

And I’m not trying to be disrespectful or ungrateful. Really. Honest. But that’s the reality of it. That’s the reality of a freelancer life.

We rely heavily on people to share our things. Engage, share, love it. That kind of stuff.

But the bigger question here is

Why don’t our friends and family support us more? I’m only going to talk about 2 reasons. There are probably a million more. I mean if you’re selling bras, your male friends probably aren’t interested and if you’re selling jock straps, ya, you get the idea.

I also get that a lot of people really truly are busy with their own lives and maybe trying to promote their own businesses. I understand that…..

So I clearly am not selling bras or jock straps or any other bullshit stuff like that that is gender specific.

So what about other stuff that really can be applied to anyone? You know, like personal development stuff (like me)? Why wouldn’t they support that? You don’t want to be happy? Are you already too happy? I dunno.

Could it be that you are one of those peeps who falls into either of the 2 things listed below? Like…….

Reason #1-Jealousy

Boom. There. I said it. Jealousy does a lot of really stupid things to smart people. Some people go into fits of rage. Some stop talking to other people. And some, well, they won’t have any part of your ‘business’ because of reason #2 which is..

Reason #2-They don’t want you to succeed.

Nope. They don’t. People want you to do well, just not better than them. True story. When we step away from the norm and go off on our own big ballsy and brave way, we not only shock our own system but we shock our friends and family. “You’re doing what?”

And then they shield themselves from you just in case you, well you know, succeed!!

They don’t want you to because of that whole jealousy thing. It’s such a vicious cycle. Oh but wait. Then there’s this from my favourite crush in the whole wide world..

“One day the people that didn’t believe in you will tell everyone how they met you” Johnny Depp

Ya. That. It’s so true, it’s pathetic.

So your friends and family really are kinda happy for you but not too happy and they really want you to do well but not better than them and they won’t share any of your stuff or support you in any way shape or form but trust me on one thing, they are keeping a close eye on every single fucking thing you are doing because they are just waiting for you to fall.

So because I love to end all my stories with some sort of inspiration or motivation or blow some kind of sunshine up your ass, here it:

Do you, fuck the rest. The people who love and support you will stand by you no matter what and it doesn’t really matter where they came from or who they are. Love them hard ❤

I gotta do something about that bullshit friends list too.

Peace and Love

xo iva xo

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