13 ‘In Your Face’ Quotes I Made Up Myself

Because aren’t we all tired of the old boring cliche ones?

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I’m a bit of a quotes whore but with good reason. I run a Facebook page where I create and share oodles and oodles of memes and inspirational quotes posters.

So ya, quotes are kinda my jam.

I’ll be honest here, I do share an awful lot of quotes from famous people like Buddha and Dalai Lama. They’re pretty powerful and effective. They get the message across.

But every now and then I like to write my own. Ok, I’ll be honest again, it’s nice to see other high authority pages sharing your poster that happens to have your name on it.

Call me vain 🤷‍♀️🙋‍♀️

Sometimes we need tough love

You know, when I was down and out and going through a horribly rough patch in my life I would read all these inspirational quotes until my eyes bled. They truly helped me get out of rock bottom and inspired me to rebuild my life.

But every now and then we need someone in your face saying “will you just fucking snap out of it already”?

Ya. I needed quotes like those and I was hard pressed to find them. I needed someone to just take me by the shoulders and shake the crap out of me to get me out of my funk.

Anyway, I couldn’t find any, no one shook me till my brains rattled.

Once my Facebook page (and my website) gained some decent traffic, I started writing some of my own quotes.

The ‘in your face’ ones. And people loved them. Oh!

I’m just filling a need

There clearly was a need for those ‘smarten up’ quotes so I just kept on writing more and more.

I gotta tell ya though. They aren’t for everyone. I had one girl chew me out on my page and shout at me “clearly you’ve never been a victim”.

Oy…girl. You have no idea.

So, ya. Sometimes these quotes hurt. People don’t like to hear the truth or at least, they aren’t quite ready to hear it.

Thank God for the rest of the peeps who need them, crave them, shout “Hell-ya” when they read them.

So without further ado…

13 in your face quotes that will snap you out of your misery

When you get tired of hearing the sound of your whiny voice you‘ll know it’s time to start doing something about your life. Until then, nothing will change.

Stop saying you’re waiting for the right time. You’re just making up excuses to not start. The time is now!

How about you stop blaming others for all the crap in your life and start taking responsibility. You’re an adult now. Act like one!

You can handle whatever crap life throws at you. You’re stronger than you think!

Don’t cry about yesterday. It’s done. Instead do something today that will improve your tomorrow but for God sake, let go of the past!

If you don’t like the toxic people in your life, complaining about them isn’t going to make them go away. Dump them, now.

Your life isn’t going to get better with the same mindset that created all your problems. Let that sink in.

You control your life. Not your family, friends or partner. If they do it’s because you are letting them.

No one has the right to treat you like shit. If they do, it’s because you’re letting them. Read that again.

If you’re happy where you are, stay there. If you’re not, change it. If you don’t know how, figure it out. If you say “I can’t figure it out” then you don’t want change bad enough!

Are you still my friend?

I told you they were ‘in your face’ quotes. I’m not a bitch. I promise I’m not. I’m also not cold and heartless.

I really truly do care about people and I want people to be happy. Everyone. But we don’t always need our wounds licked either.

If we keep putting Band-aids on our wounds they will never heal. Rip the Band-aid, let the raw real air get in there and heal dammit.

My wish for you right now is that if you are going through a really hard time right now, personally, professionally or emotionally, that you find the strength to dig deep down and make the necessary changes, you know, the scary ones, that will help you heal and grow.

You are so worth it.

By the way, I love you 😘

xo iva xo

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