10 Things You Don’t Know About Me.

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And maybe you could not care less but this morning I woke up to a tag from the ever so lovely and beautiful Deb Knobelman, PhD to write a piece on the 10 things you don’t know about me. I love these things. Not only are they fun but it lets me know a wee bit more about my Medium fam. And I ❤ these guys.

Now if you follow me at all and read some of my stories you know I bare all. There’s probably little you don’t know me about me as it is but I’m gonna dig deep for this one.

The reason I accepted this challenge is not only because I do love them but also so you can get to know me better. So you know a little more behind the girl with the addictions who grew up in a shitty household and left her home in Canada for a third world country.

Here we go….

  1. I have 7 tattoos and they are all above the waist. I don’t like tattoos on legs or butts. One tattoo on my back is a verse from a song my son and I listened to a lot and he has the same verse tattooed on his chest. I’m not done getting inked. I love all my tattoos and though they hurt like a son of a bitch, it’s an addiction. I shit you not. Get one and you’ll see.
  2. I didn’t graduate high school yet one of my earlier jobs was an Assistant to the Manager at a Bank. I worked there for 3 years and though every now and then they would ask for my high school diploma, after they hired me, I kept telling them I couldn’t find it and they would let it go. I also worked for the government seasonally for 8 years, without a diploma, correcting income tax returns. I guess diplomas are overrated after all.
  3. Every morning and night I get on my knees and pray to God and thank Him for another day and to please help me be better than I was yesterday. I also ask him to drop some money at my door but He hasn’t done that yet. People often question/judge how someone who prays regularly and believes in God still slams back tequila, smokes weed and swears like a sailor. God doesn’t judge.
  4. I used to be a junk food junkie, like right up until a few months ago, when I totally revamped my diet and now eat very clean with the odd reward. I needed to gain weight and do something about my migraines and this new eating plan helped both. But ya, it was bad. Chips, cookies, donuts, french fries, candies, chocolate in any way shape or form, Nutella sandwiches on white bread for dinner. Yup. I was like a 5 year whose parents left them alone for a week.

5. I’m deathly afraid of the dark…and horror movies and bugs and heights and water and boats and bridges and moths (ya I can’t figure this one out either) and probably a million other things (and creepily enough, I’m not afraid of dying) but I don’t let my fears stop me from doing things. I face them all and keep pluggin’ away. I have to get on a rickety old wooden boat if I want to go to a town around the lake. I don’t like it, but I do it. I have to walk/drive across a bridge to get to the market. I even went ziplining, twice. Ya I face my fears, but not fearlessly..;)

6. I’m super super sensitive and cry a lot over the smallest things. I cry when I’m happy, I cry when a Hallmark moment is happening, I cry when I have fond memories of my past (even shitty memories still make me cry). My sisters used to tease the fuck out of me when I was younger just to make me cry and so they could laugh at me. Bitches. I love them now but they were really mean to me because I was so sensitive. ❤

7. I was a Personal Trainer/Aerobics Instructor and was into bodybuilding for about 5 years. Not crazy building like I wasn’t taking ‘roids or anything and I didn’t start looking like a man, but the kind where I had a smokin’ hot body and I fucking loved it (vain much?). I even applied to be a fitness model in a magazine (monthly feature girls) but they always chose the blondes with big boobies (ya I got nothing). Clearly, I wasn’t a junk food junkie during this time and oddly enough, I’m not attracted to bodybuilding men at all.

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So much wtf in this pic I can’t even stand it 😝

8. I’ve never seen Harry Potter or any TV series people always talk about. I actually haven’t owned a TV for almost 4 years but the new apartment I live in now (moved in a few months ago) comes with a TV. On this, all I watch is UFC. Every now and then I may watch a movie but it’s so rare. I think the last one I watched was The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. Watch it. For real. I fucking loved it.

9. I never leave the house without make up on. I wear foundation because I have really bad skin and am very self conscious about it. I’m also addicted to lip gloss (sheer tint) and lip balm (chapstick). I keep little tubes of lip balm all over the apartment (and two in my purse) so it’s right where I need it all the time. There’s a line from a Veruca Salt song “Earth crosser” “Where’s my lip gloss”. Ya, I got that tattooed on my arm.

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10. My biggest dream in the whole wide world is to be a keynote speaker along side Tony Robbins, Dean Grasiozi, Gary Vee, Oprah, Robin Sharma or the likes of any of the top gurus. I am not afraid of public speaking and the thought of it thrills me beyond belief. I will make that dream happen, come hell or high water 😛

So that’s my 10. Hope you enjoyed my little list. I’ll take a moment now to tag these great peeps to keep this 10 things about me challenge going. John Gorman, Jonathan Greene, Nupoor Raj, Frank McKinley and Jodi Tandet. Excellent writers that I would love to know a wee bit more about. Don’t forget to check out their work while you’re here. ❤

Peace and Love

xo iva xo

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