10 Quirky Things You Should Know About Me

Or shouldn’t, but I’m gonna tell you anyway

This article comes from a challenge by the ever so lovely Cheney Meaghan. I’ve been tagged in a few different challenges but I only opt in to the ones that are super fun! Like this one.

And that’s all the babbling from this girl, let’s get on with this ’cause I know you’re dying to know my quirky things (or not but just pretend you are).

  1. My kitchen has to be clean before I go to bed, meaning no dinner dishes in the sink, no garbage laying around. All chairs neatly tucked back under the table. Mr. Clean kinda clean. Clean af. Don’t even ask me why. No clue.
  2. Also before I go to bed I check, about 3 times, to make sure my door is locked and I’ll peek in my second bathroom to make sure that not only the light is off but no one snuck in through the window while I wasn’t watching. That’s ridiculous for one main reason. My window is super tiny and I’d be surprised if a cat could fit through. Whatever. Stranger things happen.
  3. Like Cheney, I hate my name. A lot. I wish my name was Star. When people tell me I have a beautiful name I cringe. True story.
  4. I shake out all my clothes before getting dressed. I also shake out my shoes before I put them on. I shake out my towels before I lay them out for after the shower. I.shake.out.everything. I live in critter capitol and having a scorpion in my shoe once was enough for this chick.
  5. When I ride my scooter I put in my earbuds, crank up the music on my phone and sing at the top of my lungs while I drive. I don’t gaf who hears me or if they laugh. I love to sing and whether I’m good at it or not makes no difference to me.
  6. I have pee anxiety which means before I go any road trip either by chicken bus, shuttle or motorcycle, I pee at least 3 times in a half hour span before I head out the door, another time before I board the bus/shuttle and then within an hour I have to pee again. I even tried not drinking anything at all before trips but it makes no difference. It’s pee anxiety. (I should Google that one day).
  7. I’m a butterfly and never watch where I’m going when I walk. I’ve tripped and fallen more times than I count. Been pulled off the road or out of harm’s way many times with people I am walking with. One man grabbed my arm and pulled me off the road fast as they were just about to fire off bombas (they’re nasty). Had no clue. Didn’t even see them.
  8. I have to sleep with my fan on, no matter what, and I have about 5 blankets on my bed. I’m not cold or hot, I just need the air blowing on me and I need to feel the weight of blankets on me when I sleep.
  9. I’m a post it note addict. I write everything down. On post it notes. I even went so far as to get Trello, to try to break this habit, used it a few times and just went back to post its. I’m a creature of habit you could say.
  10. I’m obsessed with my hair. That could be the hairstylist in me, or not, I dunno. I just love my hair. Straight or curly. I wash it every two days and the day I wash it, I can spend up to an hour doing it and making sure it’s perfect.

I could probably think of 10 more quirky things about me, some may be tmi so I’ll spare you and besides the challenge was only for 10. And now it’s tagging time. Here we go: Mike Arnold Joren van Schaik Jeff Barton Christina Hausauer Bonnie Barton KD Murray Nupoor Raj . Show us how quirky you are. We wanna know ❤

Peace and Love

xo iva xo

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